How to pass an Australian Business Visa?

By on Nov 6, 2015 in Australian Business Visa |

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Business is what makes an economy prosperous. That is why Australia has a business visa to welcome overseas and international individuals to open up a business in the country. However, this process is not just as simple as it sounds. You still have to comply with their set requirements in order for you to operate a business. Since this visa grants you and your family permanent residency, the submission of expression of interest is a must. The expression of interest gives you the opportunity to disclose certain information regarding your educational background, personal information and employment skills to have yourself assessed and check if you will be qualified for skilled visa sponsorship.

Australian Business Visa

In order for you to have an Australian business visa, you should pass their given requirements first. These are:

– Signing an agreement declaration that you will be compliant in meeting with their standards and set requirements.

– The Department of Immigration and Border Protection should be notified within 6 months from the time they entered the country regarding their address for security

– Continually update the Department of Immigration and Border Protection about their status as well as their residential address if they have changed or transferred residential address

To be eligible to get an Australian business visa, you should have a proof of a good and successful business plan and be truly committed to participate in any business activities in the country. Though there may be no points test in this system, the basic requirements should still be complied which are good results in the English eligibility test, age bracket and healthy well mannered individual.

If you are to open a business, it should include at last one of the following:

– Have an international business agreement and partnership

– Should maintain, enhance or to create the business within Australia to also promote better job opportunities to the citizen of the country

– Do well in exporting their goods and services

– create and introduce new technology and inventions

– can contribute in increasing the economic growth through commercial and exporting products

Those who already have established a good name in the business industry, they will be granted permanent residency by the Australian government. To maintain the effectiveness of this eligibility, the business visa holder should provide and contribute the mentioned requirements within the first two years from the time they entered the country. The requirements needed by the Australian government can be easily achieved only if you are genuinely into the commitment of opening up a business.

An Australian business visa is not hard to have. You just need to comply with their requirements given and do well in making the business grow. A portion of your income in the said business will serve as your contribution to increase the economic income of the country. The basics are still the same, which are English proficiency, good health, should be within the age bracket and possess good character. Opening a business is not just for the sake of opening one. It should create good partnership with other business firms to build better business opportunities. It is also very important to update the Australian government regarding your residency for them to keep track of your business standing.